Sugar, ah Honey Honey….

thCAQCGX30Valentine’s Day is a difficult time for dieters. The temptation for me started even before Valentine’s Day came along when I walked into a room at work and there before me was a package of chocolate cupcakes topped with fluffy frosting. Did I want one? YES! Did I take one? well….yeah, duh!

I know, I know Рnot the best choice Рbut I do not regret it. For one thing, it was delicious! But it also gave me a little insight into the effect that sugar has on me. Later on that afternoon, I could not stop yawning! I was sooo sleepy and wanted to just keel over right where I was and take a nap.

So did that experience keep me from having more treats over the Valentine’s Day weekend? No. I went whole-hog and ate whatever I wanted in terms of sweets – candy, cupcakes, cookies. And as far as cookies go, I now fully understand that I should NEVER make cookies again. I ate the dough, I ate the cookies, I ate the frosting, I ate the cookies with the frosting… get the idea. Do I regret it? A little bit. I probably gained a bit over the weekend and felt tired and bloated. But again, it taught me some things.

I learned that eating sugar is a major trigger for me to keep on eating more sugar (and frankly not caring that I have just eaten 6 cookies and I want to eat more). I learned that sugar does not get me revved up, but puts me to sleep. It also makes me feel bloated and “not so good.” But I also learned it is not the end of the world if I eat it. Today I am back on my diet and eating less sugar (I can have dark chocolate or fat free pudding). I am past the pigging out. At least until Easter.

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