I am a so-called Starving Artist who would starve in order to pursue my career full time but can’t because my children would also starve and as a parent I really should feed them….once in awhile

3 thoughts on “About

  1. yes..tis good to feed them *once in awhile*:o)

  2. Carol Ritter Wright on said:

    I bought one of your wonderful snake rocks at an estate sale in Rochester NY a couple of weeks ago. It’s really fine work. I am not a great snake enthusiast, like most people, but I don’t fear them unless they are venomous or likely to attack me. So this lovely rock is a very welcome addition to my collection of nature items and oddities in my cabinet of curiosities, which is a whole room – the library – in my modest little house. Thank you for doing such good work, and keep doing it. I am delighted to have found an example of your artistry quite by accident, but now I’ll be watching for more.

    • Wow! That’s awesome! Your collection sounds like something I would have – I love nature and unusual items as well. Thank you for contacting me – It makes me happy to know that other people like my art!

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