The Precipice before the Plunge

HPIM8278 My weight has been slowly creeping up over the last couple of years. Lately it seems to be gaining speed. On top of that my blood pressure has gone up and my cholesterol is high. No real secret to how it all happened. I am a carboholic and am basically a couch potato – and I am getting older (damn!). Some people have said “hey, you look good for your age!” – maybe, but I do not FEEL good.

When the doctor told me about my blood pressure I was aghast (it has always been right on). It started me to think about my health in a different way. While it is not life threatening at this point, I started to think about the what-ifs. What if I suddenly keel over and Jake is left all alone. He is only 13 and a challenging child. His difficulties make him hard to manage and I know that no one that I know would want to deal with it. What would become of him? So I determined that I HAD to get healthier for the sake of my son. People often say, “you should only change for yourself, not for someone else”. Hogwash!! It doesn’t matter what your reasons are if it is something that is so important to you that it will keep you on track!

I did some research and found a health plan that I think will actually work for me. It is called the DASH Diet. It is not a diet to lose weight per se, but a diet to deal with the health issues that I have. The DASH stands for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension”. It will ultimately help me to lose weight too (an extra bonus) and to reduce my cholesterol, but was originally designed to lower blood pressure. An article recently listed the DASH Diet as the best there is because of its health factor and that you are eating good for you food in appropriate portions (I will say that I was aghast that an appropriate portion of breakfast cereal was 1/2 cup – not the 2 cups in the giant bowl that I usually had).

The book I got on the DASH Diet has a lot of good info and it does say that it is gonna be hard at first. I respect that. I get so tired of the diets that say, “It is so easy!” – “I never felt hungry!” – “The pounds just melted off!”. Give me a break.

So this morning I had my 1/2 cup of whole grain cereal (okay so I added a few extra flakes) with a banana chopped up in it, my 1% milk (am sooo used to 2%) and a 6 oz cup of orange juice (I really wanted a full cup – or two). And while I am not hungry, I am a bit agitated. My body is definitely gonna go through withdrawals.

I decided to blog about this stuff to help me keep on track – and to let you all know how it works – is it terribly hard, what are the things that throw me off, do I feel better? And I think blogging will help me when I feel agitated or hungry or want to give up. Anyway, I better go to the kitchen and start cutting up my skinless, boneless chicken. I hate cooking.

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2 thoughts on “The Precipice before the Plunge

  1. catherine blankenship on said:

    Good for. You Amy I know how you feel about the weight. When I went through menopause all of a sudden I was packing on the weight. I had held my weight most of the time pretty even but suddenly I was over 200 pounds!! I had high blood pressure and I was tired and I felt crappie! To be honest what finally kick started me was when I started working judy’s job in the kitchen and the stress of it and we started to refinish our wood floors at our home and from there I continued with it. I am down 55 pounds now over 3years I’m off of my blood pressure meds and I can get down and play with my grandkids much easier now😀 I know you can do it Amy. I’ll be praying for you. Blessings Cathy blankenship

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