Water Water Everywhere

96957330-copySo I “lost” two pounds overnight after starting this new diet. I realize that those two pounds were water weight but it was nice to see the scale move in a downward motion – rather than the up, up, up it has been of late.

I am eating plenty of food – so my stomach is not hungry. My mouth is hungry though. I do not like to cook and so am going for the easier approach in meals right now. So my food has been rather dry and a bit tasteless. Had a salad yesterday – romaine, spinach, tomatoes, diced chicken breast and a tablespoon of balsamic vinaigrette. I added a few shakes of Mrs. Dash to top it all off. It looked really good. It tasted less than good. I am used to a salad with an iceberg mix, shredded cheese, some olives, diced processed chicken breast, croutons and LOTS of dressing. This salad was dry. The lettuce was dry, the chicken was dry – even the tomatoes didn’t help. But I ate it anyway – with lots of water to make up for the dryness.

In fact, I have been drinking more water overall. It helps me keep my mind off food and fills me up if I happen to be getting hungry. Or to wash down the dry tasteless food that I am not that thrilled to be eating. The problem with drinking a lot of water though is having to pee all the time. I’m gonna have to tone it down a bit when I go back to work tomorrow so I don’t have to take too many trips to the bathroom.

I know that the diet will get better as I learn different ways to prepare foods. There are several recipes in the book I got so will have to check them out. And my body will eventually get used to less seasoning (or different seasonings for that matter). I am looking forward to that. Right now, it is just so “blah” – except for the fresh fruit that I can have – that and the non-fat chocolate pudding cup I had last night for dessert.

I am not giving up. There is still a lot of adjustments for my body to go through and even though it is uncomfortable right now, I know that the end result will be worth it – a healthier me. But right now I really could go for a Big Mac….sigh……where is that damn water bottle anyway?

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