Hello, My Name is Amy….

HPIM8292 People joke about being a “chocoholic” – well I determined recently that I truly am one. I have been on this diet for a couple of weeks and it has been actually going pretty well. One day I stole a small piece of Jake’s chocolate fudge (I still don’t think he’s noticed). Of course the fudge was wonderful – rich and creamy. As I ate it though I realized I had made a big mistake. My mind and body was suddenly hit with an intense craving for more chocolate. I figured it was kinda like an alcoholic having that one drink. I didn’t want to eat the rest of Jake’s fudge (well okay I actually DID want to eat it all but determined that he would be upset to come home and find it all gone). I drank water like crazy trying to subdue the cravings. I remembered that I had put some Christmas chocolates in a dresser so ran to get those and sat down and ate every single one of them! I continued to drink water and tried to find ways to distract myself from the craving. It was awful! I finally got over it but it made me realize that I would have to be super careful with certain trigger foods if I wanted to be successful with my diet. I think everybody strays some when they diet. The key is to learn from it and move forward, not to berate yourself for “giving in” to a treat now and then. That piece of fudge did not ruin my diet. It is not an excuse to give up. It was a learning moment. And it is one that I can remember when I am tempted again. And I know I will be. Afterall, Valentine’s day is almost here.

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