To Lose or Not to Lose – That is the Question

HPIM6267Yesterday I told a coworker that I signed up for Weight Watchers. She looked me over and asked why I wanted to lose weight – I was already so “skinny.” I know that I am not obese – I also know that I am not skinny. I am uncomfortable physically at my current weight. I want to lose about 10 pounds so I will feel more comfortable – and maybe more confident. So I signed up for Weight Watchers and started my new diet yesterday. And I feel like I’m dying already. Advertisements for all diets claim that you will not be hungry if you follow their routine. They are LYING. My body is used to sugars, carbs and fats and taking those away is painful. Yes I know that fruit is sweet but eating an apple is not the same as eating a cookie. Ooooohhhh…..cookies….  Oh sorry about that, I got off track. With my new diet I can eat all the fruits and veggies I want. Problem is, I don’t like vegetables – unless you count the lettuce and tomato on a big, fat, juicy cheeseburger with bacon…..mmmm….sigh…. Okay, okay – I better quit thinking about all the things I am not supposed to eat. They say that you can splurge and indulge a little throughout the week. You are allowed a certain number of points per day and then extra points for indulging throughout the week. Sounds great – except that yesterday alone I used up all my daily points plus a bunch of my indulging points just eating regular food – and not indulging. And today I have used up half of my daily points and I only ate breakfast so far – and I am still hungry. If a person is able to follow this plan, they will definitely lose weight – but I bet they’ll be crabby doing it. I certainly am. In fact I am wondering how I am going to make it through the day. I’ll just have to keep myself busy. For example – right now I think I’ll go do the dishes. Hey! Wait! I left a few crumbs on my breakfast plate! Excuse me while I go lick them off – I’m gonna make the most of every point I’m allowed. Mmmmmm….cold eggs….

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2 thoughts on “To Lose or Not to Lose – That is the Question

  1. jewel on said:

    I remember doing weight watchers in Libby, I gained 13 lbs in the first month. It was more food then my body was used to.

    I still want to lose 20 or 30 more however, Most people would ask where, I need to lose. So at this point I am with You. However Self esteem is better with losing weight. Eating healthy has been a mind set, saying things like I don’t eat that has made all the difference, then saying I am on a strict diet and I can’t. I hated salads before and apples, I carve them now. I order burgers, only to waist a bun, I end up wrapping them in lettuce leafs.and throwing the bun out. I used to love bread and cookies. But I love my healthy lifestyle. I love the new me and I take care of it. I have more energy from eating a couple whole carrots then a cookie..

    So in time You will enjoy healthy choices, as you realize you feel better.

    You have always looked good! Lucky
    Love your blogs.. I should start one

    • I am used to eating plenty of food and lots of stuff that is not so good for you so this is a change for me – and a hard one at that. I used to be able to watch what I eat but somewhere along the way I just got tired and didn’t care anymore. I do think you are right though – I will get used to eating healthier and it will get easier. Right now it is difficult – but I want to keep at it because I know in the long run I will feel better. Thanks!!

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