Does it Fit?

HPIM6304 I’m trying to lose weight. Not doing very well at it. I suppose you can’t eat birthday cake for breakfast for a week and expect to lose anything. I love sugar though – I am a true sugarholic. Cakes and cookies are my weakness ( as well as other baked goods) – and I work at a bakery (go figure). I really could eat sweets at every meal if possible. There are some “diet” treats and while they taste okay, they are not as good as the real thing. When I am at a social event and there is cake, I am not the one who says, “Oh just a sliver for me dear.” No – I am the one that wants a huge corner piece with all the extra frosting. And I don’t care what other people think of me – I am a dessert girl afterall. But I am trying to lose weight so I am having to curb my addiction and it is hard! And even though I have actually lost a few pounds, my clothes feel tighter! What is up with that?! Doesn’t give me much incentive. Yet, I am going to remain strong and reduce the amount of sugar I eat – and only have one serving of birthday cake every other day. Hey – it might work.

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One thought on “Does it Fit?

  1. Good luck! It’s tough cutting back on the things we love.

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