Woo-Hoo! It’s Spring – Kind of

HPIM6306I live in Washington State. No, not in Seattle. Not near Seattle. We do not have much rain here – we have four distinct seasons. There’s the extreme dry heat in summer – a cooler colorful autumn – freezing snow and ice in winter – and crazy weather in spring. Snow on the ground in the morning, sunny and 50 degrees in the afternoon (hey, 50 degrees is a heat wave around here these days). In spring we do get some rain. At times we get so much rain – but it all comes at once. Rain like you see in the movies where you are soaked just by stepping out the door – and then the rain turns to hail and then there is the thunder and lightning to go along with it. Shortly thereafter, the sun comes out and there is a magnificent rainbow across the sky. With the rain and the sun there is soon bright new grass, buds on the trees and spring flowers poking their heads up out of the ground. And soon, the critters will be out and about in the forests, hills and meadows – romping through the grass, enjoying the newness that spring brings.  For now though, I’ll be prepared for changing weather – cold, wet, warm, sunny – all in one day. That is after all, what spring is – a time of change.

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