Salad Again?!

004 So I’ve been on Weight Watchers for just over a week now. And I am proud to say that I have made progress – I’ve lost 5 pounds. But it is no wonder really. On this program you can eat all the vegetables that you want – which is great if you love vegetables. I have often said that I could never be a vegetarian because I simply do not like vegetables – especially if they are cooked. Without a doubt, one of my most hated foods in the world is cooked peas. Ugh!! Double Ugh! At church potlucks there are always the casseroles that look so good, until I see those nasty little green things in there. People say, “Oh just pick them out.” Done that. It still tastes like peas. Spinach is another vegetable I don’t care for – let me just say it – cooked spinach is like slime. I’ve tried it fresh in salads – and it is okay except it feels like I have gone outside and started chewing on tree leaves. Spinach in lasagna? Had it not too long ago (my son loves spinach – strange child) – I ate it but didn’t like it much. Carrots I can do raw with a lot of ranch dressing. Cook it and it’s awful! I remember sitting at the kitchen table when I was 5 years old and my mom waiting for me to take a bite of my carrots – I think I finally gave in as she was not going to let me up until I did (its all a blur to me now). I used to like broccoli – until I was pregnant with my third child and now I can hardly stand it. Green beans? I can eat the canned ones but not fresh. Corn can be okay – but it has been changed over the years to be sweeter – so I have to put lots of butter and salt on it (which is probably not a good idea when trying to diet). So I have been eating mostly salad as my vegetable intake. Luckily you can get a pre-made salad at the grocery store in a variety of “flavors”. The pre-made ones are pretty good, but I always want more dressing and toppings than they put in the package. Double those and they would be fantastic! Of course then I probably would not lose weight. Do I have to eat salad the rest of my life just to be thin? Wait – don’t answer that. I don’t really want to know.

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