If I Were a Rich Girl – Ya da da etc

006I have come to the conclusion that I really do not want to work. Why can’t they just give me the money for being on the books as an employee (sounds kinda like the government doesn’t it). I used to enjoy working. I think what blew it was when I took a couple years off to take care of my son. Sure I had to file for bankruptcy and ultimately lost my house, but it was wonderful to feel relaxed and free. Free to sleep in on non-school days – or to spend extra time on my flower garden and not feel the pressure of having to be somewhere, right now, this very second. It was also a time of getting to know my kids better. When you work, you don’t spend as much time with your kids – and when you are together it is mostly to make sure homework is done, showers are taken and meals are served. And speaking of meals – we have never eaten as well as when I was not working. Food stamps are plentiful when you are poor and have children to feed. That certainly helped in the relaxation department – never having to worry about there being enough food to make it through the month. Since getting back into the employment scene, I have had my share of standing in line at the foodbank. Many people dream of striking it rich – I am no exception. I don’t know that I need a million dollars (although that would be nice) – but I would love to have peace of mind. It would be wonderful to be able to go to McDonalds without worrying about my finances. Even though I don’t have any debt (the bankruptcy took care of that) it is still hard to make ends meet. I sure could use a Sugar Daddy – hard to find in rural North Central Washington State though. I guess I am stuck with working – damn it! I still dream of winning the lottery. I suppose in order to win though, you actually have to buy a ticket. And I can’t afford it.

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