Vote for Me!!!!!

HPIM6447So I’ve been off my bipolar medication for a few days due to a doctor’s mishap. Thankfully I can begin taking it again tonight – whew! My brain has been on overdrive, thoughts racing, scattered and tired. My mood is a flat line bordering on bitch. Today was my day off and I didn’t get much of anything done – except I spent a great part of the day figuring out how to enter a contest to win money to go towards my small business (you know, the one where I paint rocks to look like snakes). It took me fricking 2 hours to write out one paragraph to enter the contest and then another half hour to revise it when I decided it was too boring. My mind unmedicated is not a pretty sight. Once you enter the contest, you have to try to drum up votes for your business – so being a bit off the wall, I went on facebook and posted it a couple of times with big headlines like the one I put on this blog “Vote for Me!!” Typically that is not my style – but today I’m a bipolar middle-aged woman off my meds so I guess today it is my style. I want to win damn it! Why shouldn’t I win? I never win anything. Someone else is going to win and then I’ll be sad. But I should win. Why don’t I win? Why is everything so hard? (that folks is my brain off drugs). So while I am still in the throes of mania, I am going to beseech each and every one of you and your friends and your friend’s friends and their uncles’ friends to “Vote for Me!!” Simply go to and search for “amylenore” – once you find my entry, go ahead and click that little button to “Vote for Me!!” Then pass it on so that everybody in the world will vote for me and I’ll become famous and…….man, I better go take those drugs before I write an entire novel that makes no sense. Oh yeah – too late.

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