Red Hats, Mops and Purple Socks

purpleI need some friends. More precisely, I need some women friends. There is something about getting together with other women and just being able to talk about things that other women understand – you know – “Girl Talk.” There are many different organizations for women, but often there are certain “requirements” in order to join them. There’s the Red Hat Society. This organization involves wearing red hats, purple clothing and was originally designed for women over the age of 50. Now they allow younger women, but those women must wear pink hats and lavender clothing – not quite as good as the older red-hatted set. MOPS is another organization for ladies – specifically Mothers of Preschoolers. When my daughter was little I went to a few MOPS meetings. It involved eating goodies, doing crafts and listening to a guest speaker (the one I remember spoke about it being okay to spank your child within set guidelines). I never felt very comfortable there. There are Christian women’s organizations and Bible Studies. While I am a Christian and have gone to Bible Studies which I enjoyed, it often felt a little stifling. I just want to get together with a group of ladies and have fun. I decided there should be an organization called, “The Purple Sock Society” – The word “Purple” would mean Positively Unforgettable Remarkably Priceless Ladies Everywhere. The Sock is just thrown in there because I thought it was fun and kinda related to the Red Hat Society. Of course, nobody would have to wear purple socks. It could just be a bunch of ladies meeting once or twice a month, having snacks, talking about work, kids, food, relationships, clothes – or even sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. It wouldn’t matter how old you are, whether or not you have kids or a job outside the home, what your religious beliefs are, the color of your skin, your sexual orientation or even if you swear like a sailor. Anyone would be welcome – as long as you are female (sorry guys – women feel more comfortable around other women). It would be fun to have a “Girls Night Out”, go to the movies, out for drinks, go on a day hike, to a museum, out for ice cream, whatever. Sounds great!! Where do I sign up??

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