The Monster Within

HPIM6347Everyone has a little bit of monster inside them that holds onto bad feelings and anger. It is hard to keep the monster at bay when you are having a difficult day – like today. I got to work late and as I was walking from my car to my  job, I realized I had put the wrong shoes on – Damn! While I was working, my knee hit a metal cart really hard – the pain was so intense that I actually got dizzy and had to sit with my head down for about 5 minutes. After getting back to work, the personnel office called to inform me that I was late with some computer training (which I did later in the day but it cost me 45 minutes of production time so I felt like I was behind the whole rest of the day). I finished a special order cake and discovered we were out of the boxes to put it in – so had to improvise with a different container. I checked the new work schedule and I am scheduled for only 2 days – even though I am supposed to train the new person and I’ve only seen her twice since she started. The new person is getting more hours than I am. By the end of the day, my feet hurt, my knee was still sore and bruising up, I felt unproductive in my work and upset with my schedule. Then when I got home there were two messages from the landlord about some outdoor issues and then when I was flossing my teeth, the floss cut the corner of my mouth. And throughout the day as each new thing came along, I found myself seething about unrelated things. Unresolved anger towards people and situations came bubbling up. The monster within was alive and kicking and giving me a beating. Was a long, unhappy day unfortunately. There were two things that helped perk me up a bit though – chocolate chip cookies and a nice hot shower. I’ll have to remember that the next time the monster within starts stirring.

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