Three Little Kittens

HPIM6328You know how the nursery rhyme goes – “Three Little Kittens, they lost their mittens, and they began to cry…” I have three kids and believe me they have lost their share of mittens and a whole slew of other things. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “Mom, I can’t find (insert item here)!” Of course this is right before we have to be somewhere and they have to have whatever it is they can’t find. Or it’s “I can’t find my pencil” before doing homework – it doesn’t matter that we have a dozen pencils in a drawer, they simply cannot do their homework without that  pencil. And then after searching and searching, they scream, “Somebody stole my pencil!!” – Yeah right – someone broke into our home and stole your pencil. Usually they want my help in finding whatever it is that they lost. First they determine that they cannot find whatever it is and then they announce that they cannot find it and then they ask me to help. Before I help I tell them to look under things and behind things and try to think where they saw it last. A couple minutes later they whine, “I can’t find it!” so I get up to look. I lift up a jacket that was thrown on the floor, and lo and behold! there it is – the missing object! My oldest has a baby blanket that she has kept since she was, well – a baby. It has been worn down to thin, dirty pieces but she still has to have her “Baw” (that is what she called it when she was a baby). I must have searched for and found that thing a hundred times. One time though, we searched and searched and simply could not find it. I was puzzled. Usually I was better than that and could find it within the first five minutes of searching. We kept looking and thinking, where could it be, where could it be? The day was almost over and I dreaded the thought of her having to go to bed without her Baw – so I searched some more and started to look in places that seemed silly – the refrigerator, behind the dog food, in dresser drawers – and you know what? I found it.   In a Barrel of Monkeys. Of course.

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