Why Can’t it be so Easy?

HPIM6199This little painting is one I did for my mom’s birthday. I just sat down and started painting and in about an hour I had it finished. Easy Peasy! Unfortunately this is hardly the norm for me. I’ve been attempting a “painting a day” project and while it went well for a couple of weeks I am finding it more difficult and have slowed down a bit – perhaps it will become a , “a painting I actually got done in one day” project. I tend to be a slow painter and it is a bit frustrating. I know all the great masters sometimes took years to finish a painting – which would be okay if I could actually sell my art for as much as they earned. I think my problem is that I am a perfectionist and I don’t always know what I am doing. Also if I get frustrated I put my work aside and start on something new. Needless to say I have quite a few unfinished paintings hanging around. I worked on one yesterday – I painted for about 3 hours and while I did get some important areas complete, the part that I thought would be easy turned out to be my downfall. I painted and repainted and repainted – trying to get it just right. Now I believe it will not be as I had initially imagined it but it will still be okay – I just gotta finish it up. And after all the hours of work I put into it, I will probably get about $40 out of it – if I’m lucky – and that may be after it sits in my etsy shop for months. Sigh…..why can’t I be one of those artists whose pieces are sought after and people are willing to pay a lot for? Perhaps if I focus only on one kind of art – like my snake rocks – but then I get bored with that. I think I am my own worst enemy when it comes to being successful in the art world. I am not sure how to change. I suppose it would help if I get off the computer, got dressed and sat down to paint. Yeah, that might help.

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