Bakery Life

HPIM6325I work in a bakery for a major retail chain store. This is the second bakery I have worked at. The work is similar at each one – I decorate cakes. The first bakery is where I met my friend Tammy. On my first day, she looked me straight in the eye and told me quite seriously, “This is a hard job.” At first I thought she was kidding. Turns out she wasn’t. Damn! They would expect 40 plus hours worth of work done in only 28 scheduled hours a week. And I was the only decorator. So when I came back after having a day off, I was behind even before I walked in the door. There was always a whip at your back – the bakery manager used to say, “C’mon – Get your running shoes on – let’s huss!” He was a jewel. The only thing that really made the job fun was Tammy. She dresses like a hippie, has super long flowing hair, does belly dancing for fun, and would give any sailor a run for their money when it comes to cussing. The F-word was one of her favorites and she would use it frequently – sometimes every word in her sentence would be that one word. She would sing loudly with the store music, show me irregularly baked items that looked like various body parts, tell off-color jokes and was not afraid to say the things that everybody else wanted to say but didn’t have the guts. She was such fun to work with! The stress of the everyday work though got to me and so I went to a different bakery where there were more decorators and they actually would give you the hours needed to do the job. My new job is hardly stressful at all and I make more money per hour which has been wonderful. Yep – the change in stores has been great, but what I wouldn’t give to have Tammy beside me mumbling under her breath, “Those F-ity, F- F-ers!” I sure miss her.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I had a good read!

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