Okay so I Missed a Day

HPIM6204I am only about two weeks into doing my “Painting a Day” project and I missed a day already! My excuse? “The Hobbit” came out on DVD!!!!  I bought the Lord of the Rings trilogy for my son a few years ago. He requested it as a Christmas present and even though I didn’t think he would like it much, I bought it. I had never seen them before and figured I would watch one with him just so I could say I tried. He put the DVD in and we watched it – and we were so confused! My son apparently put the DVD in on side B instead of side A – so we watched the last half of the movie first. I kept wondering what in the heck was going on and why it seemed so disjointed. I watched the other two DVDs with him and I fell in love with the characters, their relationships, the storyline etc. But I still was confused about a number of things, so I watched the Extended Versions and it all became crystal  clear. In fact one of my favorite scenes that leaves me in tears every time I watch it, is only in the extended version. Needless to say I have become a Lord of the Rings fan and when I heard the Hobbit was coming out I was ecstatic! I rarely go to movies but I made sure I went to this one – and it was so wonderfully fun and exciting! For Christmas my son got me a couple magazines dedicated to the Hobbit and I gobbled them up. So when I saw the Hobbit had finally come out on DVD, I snapped it up the minute I got off work. Took it home, fed the kids, laid back in my recliner and watched it and time just went by and before I knew it, it was time for bed and I had not painted a single stroke. And my excuse for not finishing a painting tonight is…..”Survivor” (I can’t believe they voted Matt out!!)

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