A Funny Thing Happened

HPIM6322A few years ago I took my kids to Disneyland. Here are the things we remember and laugh about now:  all the purple garbage cans lining the streets as we rode from the airport to our motel, the large green cones near one of the entrances that we had to  pass by each time we went from our motel room and back and even though they were huge and in our way, my older son never noticed them, and the best story of all was when a cop showed up at our motel room late at night with my teenage son in tow (yes the same one who never noticed the cones). My son got separated from us in the park – since he was a teenager I didn’t worry – he knew the way back to the motel. I went to sleep but set an alarm to wake me up for the time I figured he should be back. Before then though there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there was the cop – with my son. Apparently my son got sick from riding too many rides and threw up. The cop asked my son questions and because my son has a speech impediment and newly had braces, his speech was not clear so the cop thought he was drunk. He asked him what was in his water bottle – “ummmm….water.” Why is your jacket wet? “Went on a water ride” Do you take medication? “Yes” ( for his ADHD and for allergies). What motel are you staying in? “I don’t know the name but I know where it is.” They put him in a police car and told him to point out which motel was ours. Because he was in a car and not walking it took him awhile to figure it out.  So anyway – the cop read me the riot act about leaving my underage kid, who needs his medication, unsupervised when there is a strict curfew for minors (nobody at Disneyland that I talked to knew about this curfew). He thought I was a pretty poor excuse for a parent and he acted like he thought my son was disabled because of his speech impediment. I stood there with wide eyes, staring at him and just nodding my head. We were so glad when he left. Of course we also had fun on the rides, eating Mickey Mouse-shaped food, and meeting the characters too. Now, whenever we reminisce about our trip to Disneyland, we talk briefly about the amusement park, and then someone yells out, “Green cones and purple garbage cans!” and then we talk about the cop at the door. Aaahhh….wonderful memories.

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