So Here I am Again

HPIM6351I started painting snakes because I could not paint fur very well. Everyone wanted furry little critters and I got so frustrated because my fur didn’t look very furry. So I started on snakes. I got books from the library to use as reference. When I first started I didn’t know what I was doing and each time I did one, I painted the scales differently. I finally came up with a process that worked – and I actually had to write it down because I couldn’t remember what it was from one time to the next. Now I got it down. I have looked on the internet to see if other artists painted snakes – there are a few but mine are more detailed and realistic in appearance. So I have made the decision to really focus on snakes and use it as my “money maker.” For a long time I have sold myself short because I had failed to see the value of my work. A good artist friend of mine has pushed me for a long time to raise my prices – so even though it makes me a little nervous, I am doing just that. Who knows? Maybe I will find out that people really like what I do and are willing to pay for it. I sure hope so anyway.

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