Going With the Flow

HPIM6297Aaahhh….the serenity of just going with the flow. I like to think that I do that – just taking life as it is – but I know that in reality I do fight the currents at times. It seems that when I am feeling peaceful, enjoying the little things in life, not worrying about  my circumstances, and feeling secure, something suddenly throws me off course into the white water currents where I thrash around trying to gain some sort of control. Usually it has to do with money – or lack thereof. When Social Security wanted to cease my son’s disability payments because my name was still listed as owner of a house that was going to be foreclosed upon and we had moved out to avoid them kicking us out – that was like trying to fight my way up a waterfall. I’d make a little progress only to find myself getting pushed down by the crushing waves. Eventually I found my way back to the smooth currents and now and then go into stronger currents – a week until payday and my son needs a new pair of shoes because his foot just went through his old ones, food getting low and running out of food stamps, dogs wanting to be fed regularly. Luckily the waterfalls only come once in awhile and most of the time I am able to go with the flow. And that feeling is wonderful.

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