Not so Easy

painting a day 001I am exhausted. I blame this new Painting a Day project. Okay, I am sure there are other factors involved like working more than usual – but doing a painting a day is not so easy – even when they are only 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Because I have been working extra hours, I have less hours in which to paint. I have been doing my painting in the evenings, after I get home from work. I put the ACEO card on a board and then stare at it. Then I stare at it some more. Nothing comes to mind. So then I just start putting color on the paper and hope I see something to give me a spark of an idea. On this painting, I swirled the blues and whites to make cloud like patterns and then looked in the patterns to see if I could “see” a picture. And I did! But it wasn’t this bear. It was a cartoonish T-Rex that was actually kinda cute so I started painting it. But as the background emerged, I realized that the T-Rex and the background didn’t match, so I “erased” the T-Rex by putting a blob of brown paint over the top of it and voila! there was a bear! So I finish the painting and I find it is well past my bedtime but I want to get it listed on ebay before I go to bed – and then I want to put it on my blog and that takes more time. So I am once again going to bed much later than usual. Sleep is near….oh yes…..yes……zzzzzz…..       Huh? What?! I have to turn the clocks forward –  and miss an entire hour of sleep?!    #&@%!  Figures.

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