The Snake Lady

I put this snake on Etsy the other night and then liked it on Facebook. Within two hours the snake had sold! I was in shock that it sold so quickly. It made me realize that while I enjoy painting many different types of things, snakes really are my forte. There isn’t a huge market for snake rocks, but people who buy them think they are really cool – and I have had repeart customers. The funny thing is that I started painting snakes because I had no confidence in my ability to paint fur (lots of people want furry critters). The first snake I did was kinda cartoony – but had more definition than other snakes I had seen. For awhile I kept doing them differently because I could not figure out the best way to do the scales and patterns. And then I would forget how I did the last one so had to try a different way the next time (okay so I’m old). Once I figured it out, I actually wrote down the steps so I would not forget. Now I have a regular routine when it comes to doing a snake and it seems to work. I would love to become “known” for my snakes. I could be called “The Snake Lady’ or something cool like that. Celebrities would buy my snakes and rave about them and then other people would be willing to pay  big bucks for my snakes because Johnny Depp has one and they want one just like his. It would become the “in” thing to have one of my snakes (“Oh, is that a real  Snake Lady snake?”). Oh the things that could happen – (in my mind at least)! It’s fun to fantasize about fame and fortune. . . .  Now does anyone out there know how to get a hold of Johnny Depp?

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