What Am I Worth Anyway?

One of the worst parts of being an artist is figuring out what price to put on your work – or at least that is the most difficult part for me. What am I worth anyway? When I first started, I priced my work ridiculously low because I just wanted people to buy it. Coming from a poor family also made me view things differently – I certainly cannot afford to spend a lot of money on art so I figured other people felt the same way. When I first started getting higher prices on my work I was astounded that anyone was willing to spend that much on rock. It took me awhile to understand that what I was selling was not “just a rock” but some pretty good artwork. God blessed me with the ability to paint and perhaps because I enjoy it so much I don’t see the value as much as someone else. A good artist friend of mine keeps telling me to up my prices and I am finally to that point of understanding. I am setting up my Etsy shop again and putting some decent prices on my artwork. I am interested to find out how people respond – to see if I really am worth it. I think I am – I think.

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