And Then Came Billy Bob

One late night after I  had gone to bed, my older son came home from an evening out with a friend. I heard him come in and he talked quite excitedly with his sister who was still awake. I wondered what the excitement was so I staggered out of bed and went into the hall to inquire. My sister yelled out that Asa had caught a frog and he was going to  have it live in the bathtub. I started to turn around and go back to bed but then considered the poor frog. I went to the kitchen and got a pan for some water and put it in the bathtub with the frog – which I was informed was named Billy Bob. Asa wanted to keep the frog but I said no – I wouldn’t be able to figure out its true habitat and didn’t want to catch live bugs for it to eat (the kids always tell me they will take care of a pet and then I end up having to do it out of pity for the poor animal). He was quite disappointed of course. The next day we put Billy Bob in a glass jar and my daughter and her friend released it back into the wild near a pond. I am sure that Billy Bob is much happier now. I know that I am.

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