This is I think my most favorite painting and hangs in my bedroom never to be sold. I painted it several years ago. I love the colors and pattern, the detail of shading and highlighting (the actual piece is much more vibrant than shown in this photo). I remember drawing the pattern out and how intricate it was, trying to make sure it all made sense, that the red “rope” didn’t end mysteriously in one place and pop out somewhere else unexpectantly. As I painted over the drawing, I realized there was a a break in the fluidity of the “rope” in the upper left corner – the rope was more bent than curved. By then though it would have been difficult to fix it so I went with it as is. It bothered me for quite awhile but then after it was completed I realized it was that bend that made the piece unique. It was imperfect and it reminded me that I am imperfect, but with that imperfection I am a unique individual and still beautiful and intricate in design. I Am Imperfection and that’s okay with me.

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