Inside, Looking Out

HPIM9335 (2).jpgI spend a lot of time indoors – especially now, that I officially hate the yard at my new house. The last house I lived at had a wonderful yard – flat grassy lawn, lots of flowers and trees. I loved to go out and work in it. My new yard though – sheesh! I will say it does have some nice rose bushes, but the front area is almost ALL weeds. No grass. I sprayed the weeds. I pulled them up by hand, being careful to get the roots. By the time I was done, there was nothing but a big bare spot of dirt where the weeds had been. And then, I made the mistake of watering it (I was actually watering the rose bushes nearby but the sprinkler hit the dirt). Overnight, teeny tiny little weeds sprouted – by the hundreds.  Now, the big bare spot of dirt is almost completely covered in weeds again. Aaaarrrgghhh!

I gave up on getting rid of the weeds. But I didn’t give up on having a nice looking yard – from far away. I decided that if I could not get rid of the weeds, I would water them so that I had the greenest weeds in the neighborhood. Then I cut them low so that it appears that I have a beautiful lawn – from across the street.

I have come up with other ways that help me “feel” like I have a decent yard. The rose bushes get trimmed regularly so that they don’t accost people as they walk by my house. I am allowing them to “climb” horizontally across the fence to provide some privacy – and so people don’t say, “Oh my gosh! Look at all those weeds!” In another area, there is some sort of climbing vine enjoying its ascent up the fence. Don’t know what it is – don’t really care. It will help the yard look better as it fills out. I keep the pinecones picked up so they are not scattered all over the yard and I keep everything mowed and weed-eated. Yet, I long for lush beautiful grass – so soft and cushy that you could walk barefoot across it, without one single weed to mar its gloriousness. Sigh….

During the colder months, the yard does not bother me quite as much. Leaves are falling and weeds quit growing. And when it snows, I don’t have to look at the weeds at all! Months later, when the snow begins to melt, I am excited to see the ground again – and then I begin to dream of spring – sunshine, flowers and green grass. Ah yes – green grass. Or at least it looks that way from across the street.






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