What a Great Idea!! ??

HPIM6672Okay, so I’m bipolar. One “side effect” of being bipolar (at least in my case) is thinking of new inventions or innovations, ideas to get rich quick or just to make a few bucks and save the world. I have spent quite a lot of money buying things to help me get rich – hmmmm… far, not so good. My problem is that I have these ideas but I don’t have the means to really make them reality – that and the fact that at times I just don’t want to put in the work to make them happen – or I realize that while it may be a good idea, I don’t live in a place to make it viable – or sometimes later I realize it really wasn’t a good idea afterall. Excuses, excuses… One idea I had eons ago when I had toddlers was to have an outside picture on a disposable diaper change color when it was wet so you didn’t have to keep checking. Lo and behold, someone else came up with the same idea and the diaper companies grabbed it – damn! My older son had a horrible time figuring out how to get shampoo on his head when he was washing his hair. He would get too much and it would drip all over the place. So I thought that it would be great if shampoo came in a large “bath bead” that you could just squish on the top of your head – just the right amount and no mess. He also had a terrible time brushing his hair – the handle was hard for him to manage – a curry type brush worked best for him. So I thought it would be helpful if you could buy a “bath” set that included the bath bead shampoo, a handle-free brush with an adjustable strap to put your hand in for fit and comfort. The brush could also hold water inside and you could just squeeze the sides of the brush to squirt water on your hair to help smooth it out. I still think it’s a good idea – but how do you manufacture it? Kid keep losing their mittens? Coat sleeves with mittens in the cuff. Build your own outdoor Christmas light display in any shape you want using sturdy bendable wire with attachable lights. Personalized large refrigerator magnets that include a vibrant picture of your loved ones along with a name or slogan. Bumper sticker magnets. A game of tag using a large car magnet saying, “Tag – You’re It!” that you can secretly put on your friend’s car – and then they can tag someone else, who can tag someone else, etc… My latest idea is to make cups that you can fit into a stable base to avoid spills (this came about from having my kids spill drinks all over the place). The base and cup would have designs that would go together – or could make a fun design when used together (ie the cup could have monkeys climbing trees and the base a jungle scene with tigers and brightly colored birds). I use a basic form of the idea on a daily basis so I can put my glass of lemonade back in the fridge without worrying that it will tip over. But again – how do you manufacture it when you don’t have a clue how or the start up money? Just think though….one of my ideas could be the next Snuggie and have those annoying commercials where they double the offer for only $19.99 (just pay an additional shipping and handling fee)! Bad actors and loud announcers would flock to auditions for the commercials – and millions of people would call to get themselves the newest product sweeping the nation. I would be rich!!!  No time to lose! I better go out and buy all the raw materials to make my product! It’ll be great! I can see it now! Now let’s see, how much  money do I have available to spend? Hmmmmm…….that much huh?…..hmmmmmm……okay – never mind.

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