Quick Hide! Easter is Coming!

HPIM6314The last couple of years Easter has “snuck up” on me – which basically means I procrastinated and didn’t get Easter basket stuff until the day before. This year I plan on doing better – the problem is that my kids are getting older and aren’t happy with a wind-up chicken and a chocolate bunny. My oldest are in their early 20’s – my youngest is eleven. The younger one should be easier – but what in the heck do you put in a 22-year-old’s Easter Basket – of course the question could be why in the world am I still doing Easter baskets for my adult children? At what age do they become “too old” for things like that?  I think that as a Mom I tend to see them younger than they really are. We still do Easter egg hunts. I get up at the crack of dawn, bundle up and go outside and throw eggs around the yard – then I go back to bed. Even my oldest loves to hunt for eggs – and they don’t give up until every one of them is found. I determined that this year I need to draw up a blueprint of where I hide the eggs because there always seems to be a couple that cannot be found (and I am so groggy when I hide them that  I can’t remember where I put them). Usually one of the kids stays outside for hours trying to find the missing eggs. Then once they are all found, they go out and hide them again. I’m glad for holidays like these – it’s fun for me to give my kids their baskets, they enjoy being surprised by what they get and it is always fun to find the eggs – again and again. Now I just gotta be sure I don’t forget to buy eggs.

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