Night Owl vs The Early Bird

HPIM6287 I am definitely not a Night Owl. I like to be in bed by 9:30 pm. In fact I would really love to be in bed sooner than that – but my kids are Night Owls. Two of my kids are extreme Night Owls. They would stay awake all night and then sleep all day if I let them. Getting them up out of bed in the morning is a major chore (yes I have used air horns). It always starts with a gentle, “Come on sweetie, it’s time to get up.” but then gets louder “Time to get up now. Let’s go.” and when I am at my wits end because I have been trying to get them up for an hour, it’s “GET UP OUT OF BED NOW!!! GET UP, GET UP, GET UP!!!” They finally drag themselves out of bed, bleary eyed, hair sticking up everywhere and plop down at the table for breakfast (which by now is either cold or soggy). I have to remind them to eat while they are sitting there zoned out. All morning I end up ordering them around because we have to get to school on time and they just can’t function. It is frustrating to say the least for someone who is an Early Bird. But the most frustrating thing is when I hear them complain to each other, “Wow. Mom is so grouchy in the morning. She must not get enough sleep.”

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