Well, Look at That!

This is my most recent painting – a River Otter on a 4 inch rock. I love how it turned out. I took this photo to use to sell the rock on ebay (starting bid $20 by the way). Of course I check my photos carefully to be sure it matches the original and I am so often finding myself exclaiming, “Well, look at that!” – not because I see a problem but because I see things I didn’t see when I was painting it. Often when I paint I try not to  think too much and just kinda put color where it seems “right” – in this case it was “right” to put the dark grayish/bluish/greenish color below the rocks – I thought perhaps it was a still pool – but as I looked at the photo I realized it was actually the reflection/shadow of the rock above it. The texture on the rocks was done kinda the same way – just put colors where they seemed “right”.  So often I feel like I don’t really know what I am doing and that I just get lucky with the end result. It’s always kinda exciting for me to look at the photos of my finished products because that is when I see what the picture really is – and not what I thought it was.

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