Now What??

I got a wonderful book on making mosaics and there was one section showing how to make your own tiles out of polymer clay – so of course I had to try it. I made the tiles using old costume jewelry – first I imprinted a tile and then I made a tile using the imprint as a mold. The round objects are flattened glass beads that I glued some colored paper onto the back. After baking the tiles I painted them to match the colors of the glass beads.  Now what? I am not sure what to put them on. I think I need some other colored tiles or beads to complement what I already have and I will need to buy some stronger glue and forget about the grout – I guess polymer clay and grout don’t do well together. Soooo………for now I just have them sitting on a plate on my craft table – waiting, ever waiting for me to figure it all out. At least they are patient and don’t yell at me when I walk by. That would just be too freaky.

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