Yup, That’s Me!

I have often been self conscious of my looks – never quite satisfied, even when I was young. When I look back at photos of me in my teens and early twenties I wonder why I wasted so much time thinking I wasn’t attractive or slim enough. Now that I am in my late 40’s and weigh more than I would like, I still struggle but am becoming more comfortable with who I am and how I look. I am past the point of trying to make an impression on someone and simply want to be me. Of course I want to look nice when I go out but I am finding that it doesn’t matter quite as much as it used to. People often don’t really care about how other people look – especially if they don’t know them. I am now “just” a middle aged mom and while sometimes I wish I were some raving beauty, it is okay to be who I am. It only took me 40 years to figure that out – and now I have another 40 years to enjoy myself, without being concerned about impressing others. I just gotta be me – and that’s good enough.

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