The Early Bird

I’ve been getting up earlier than usual these days. I had just expressed my interest in working less hours, so of course they gave me more hours.  Even though I have been pretty tired, I must say that there are benefits from getting up extra early in the morning – especially on the weekends. The kids are still sleeping so it is quiet. And the dogs are sleeping with the kids which is a bonus. I can get ready for work without any interference (ie having to referee kids’ fights, getting breakfast for kids who are perfectly able to get it themselves – c’mon you’re 19 years old – get your own cereal!,- finding the lost shoe etc). One of the best things about being up early though is when I go outside to get in my car. The air has been so fresh and cool lately – it feels so good to breathe it in. Yesterday I got part way to my car and stopped, stood still, closed my eyes and listened. There was no traffic, nobody using power tools, no dogs barking. It was quiet – except for the birds singing and the wind moving the tree branches a bit. For a moment I was in a different place, a place of “nothingness” – no anxiety, no stress, no fear. And even though I had to open my eyes and face the reality of work, at least I had that moment of peace. Thank you Lord for that.

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