The Wizard’s Ride

A few years ago my oldest son said he wanted The Lord of the Rings trilogy for Christmas. I had never read the books, nor seen the movies and I had my doubts that he would really enjoy them. But I bought them for him anyway. The first time we put The Fellowship of the Ring DVD in, he accidentally put it in so that the second half played first and since we had never seen it before we didn’t realize it, but often felt confused as to what was going on. Later on we realized the mistake and I still tease him about it today. I really thought I would not like the movies but watched them with him anyway and I discovered that although the battle scenes were a bit much at times, I found the characters and their relationships to be fascinating. Now they are my favorite movies and I watch them more than my son does. So I guess it was only fitting that I did a painting reminiscent of the era of Middle Earth before the dominion of Men. Maybe Hobbits would be a good subject for my next endeavour.

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