A Gift for Mom

It was getting close to my mom’s birthday last year and I was planning on painting her a white cat – she had a favorite kitty named “Kittyboy” who was all white and who passed away after a long well-loved life. When I talked to her about painting something for her she mentioned that she would love an owl. An owl? Oh Geez! I had never painted an owl before but I said okay. God blessed me with an Owl-shaped rock and I began. It took me quite awhile to paint it and some areas I painted over and over trying to get it just right. I was never truly happy with how the wing and back feathers turned out (not soft enough) but the rest of it was okay.  I packed it up and sent it to her with my birthday wishes and she was absolutely thrilled with it – especially the way the eyes turned out. I am in my late 40’s and it still did my heart good to know that I made my mom happy and that she liked something that I made myself. I guess we never grow up in that regard.

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