Commission Sales

 This painting was a commissioned sale. It tured out rather well and the customer was pleased with it – and they asked for a new one the following year. I think commission sales can be a great way to do business and actually an honor when customers think you are good enough to create art specifically for them. But I have determined over the years that it is too stressful for me and so have decided not to do any more commissioned sales. Customers may have a different idea of what the art should look like – they want something specific – maybe I cannot create what they have in mind – sometimes they want it to look exactly like one I already made (which is especially difficult when you are painting on rocks as no two have exactly the same shape).  Doing commissioned sales seems more like real work than what I want when it comes to painting. When I was in high school someone suggested I go into some sort of art field as a career. I stated that I did not want to because I did not want art to be work. I still feel that way. I want to be able to enjoy the creative process, to paint what I want to paint, to not have a deadline and then if people like what I paint and want to buy it I am happy.

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