My Son Jake

My son Jake just learned to zip up his own coat! Nothing spectacular about that you might say except that Jake is 10 years old and has a lot of trouble with fastening things. This last year he learned to button his own shirt. While other kids his age were wearing the latest jeans, Jake wore elastic waisted pants because he could not manage the zipper and button. He cannot yet tie his shoes. The older he gets, the harder it is to find shoes that strap. We’ll see really cool shoes that strap but they don’t have them in his size. So now, I tie his shoes loose enough that he can keep them tied and just slip them on and off. I have tried several times to teach him how to tie his shoes, but he just cannot do it – yet. He gets frustrated easily and shoe-tying lessons often end in his getting so angry that he screams and throws his shoes across the room. So for now, we celebrate that he can finally zip his coat! Shoe-tying will be tackled later.

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