Amylenore – Rock Art and More

I have painted snakes on rocks for probably ten years. When I first started there was not much interest. I think snakes were considered to be “Eeek!” subjects for a lot of people. So many folks just didn’t care for snakes – didn’t see the beauty in their colors, textures, and patterns.

I have shared my snakes on Facebook on my personal page – and now and then on other group sites. There would be the comments of “wonderful” interspersed with the obligatory “eeek” and now and then a “no thank you!”. That’s okay – not everyone is a snake person.

Recently I shared this picture of one of my snake rocks on a Wildlife Art group page on Facebook and it absolutely exploded! This picture received over 1000 “likes” and has been shared over 2000 times! I started to get regular inquiries about if I sold my snake rocks and how someone might buy one. I am amazed by the attention it has gotten!

Currently I am only selling my snake rocks on eBay using the auction format. I work a regular job at a school, and so am limited to the amount of time that I can paint – usually painting in the evenings and on weekends. Because the snakes are labor-intensive, I often don’t have that many available at any one time. Luckily, I don’t have to work during the summer, and so will have a lot more time to paint! And I am hopeful that I will have the ability to have more snakes in differing sizes and types available for sale. I MAY even be able to take some special orders – not sure yet as it will depend on several different factors.

You can find my art on eBay by typing in “amylenore” in the search bar on eBay’s home screen. If for some reason that does not work, you can type in “hand painted snake rocks” instead. I have a Facebook page called, “Amylenore – Painted Rocks and More” as well that you are welcome to follow.

I truly appreciate all the interest in my work and am excited to share my art with others! I better get back to painting – I have a snake in the works and am eager to get it finished. Thank you to all of you that likes what I do – it makes me happy to know that other people actually enjoy my art!

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