To Begin Again

I started painting rocks many years ago when I quit my job to stay home to care for my youngest son, Jake. He is a special needs kid, and it was in everyone’s best interest for me to be at home full time. But because I needed an income beyond Jake’s monthly disability payments, I started painting rocks and selling them on ebay.

Jake improved enough for him to return to school, and for me to get a regular job. So my painting would go in spurts. Sometimes I was just too tired to paint after work. Over the years, I tried many different types of painting – but often came back to snakes as they were my specialty (I started painting snakes because I sucked at painting fur).

Jake is going to graduate from high school next month. I have been grateful to have his disability payment to cover our monthly financial obligations. But after he graduates, I feel that he should have the payment himself – which leaves me in a bind. I will be short of money each month – even with Jake paying me a portion for rent and his share of the power bill. He needs to learn to manage his money – to get himself his own phone, buy his own clothes, go to McDonalds, whatever.

I prayed that there would be a solution to the upcoming financial issues – and I trusted God to figure it out. I thought that perhaps I could make a little money selling my snakes again, so put a couple of small ones on ebay to see if there was any interest. In the past, my snake sales were inconsistent. People thought they were cool, but wouldn’t necessarily buy them – or wouldn’t be willing to pay much for them, even though they are very labor intensive.

I was taken by surprise when I got a couple of early bids on the snakes I listed on ebay! But I noticed the bids were from people I knew, who have bought my art before – which was great, but I have really been hoping to reach more people. Soon though, I saw that my listings had lots of views, and lots of people “watching” the auctions. I was quite excited that there was more interest in them than I thought there would be!

The first auction, which I started out at $19.99, sold for $50 – and went to a customer I was unfamiliar with! The second one is up to $41 with 25 minutes to go and 10 people watching. A third one I listed is up to $74! It is exciting for artists to see real interest in their work – it is kind of like a confirmation that what you do is of value.

The upcoming financial issue really forced me to start painting again – to begin again on a craft that frankly at times tested me – made me feel that I wasn’t that good at it because people were not willing to buy it. It is interesting the things that come about when we are facing difficult times – IF we are willing to take action. Inaction will lead to failure, and more difficult times. In the face of uncertainty, I panic for a little while, then pray – and listen, not for a voice, but for feelings and external clues that lead me to action – and that has helped me so many times get to where I need to be. I am excited to see where this new beginning will take me! I am hopeful it will lead to success. Only time will tell.

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