Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful….

001 I can deal with cold – sometimes. In the summer I often think of how much easier it is to be cold than to be hot – when you are cold you can just wear more clothes, but when you are hot there is no escape unless you stand directly in front of a fan. I thought that Omak was cold in the winter, but Washtucna is colder! Omak gets much more snow than here, but Washtucna gets the wind and when it is 4 degrees outside with a wind, you are talking major face burn. The other day I decided to walk to the local Java Joint – a five minute walk from my house. The sun was shining and I was all warmed up from being indoors. About half way there I determined that I was CRAZY! The wind was in my face, my ears felt like they were falling off, my nose looked like Rudolphs, and my hands were freezing even though I was wearing gloves. Of course when I was in the store, I was immediately sweating like a worm and having to blow my nose every 10 seconds. Locals looked at me like I was an idiot – didn’t I know how cold it was? Well, duh….I think I figured that out. Had a hot chai tea and made it home okay. “Wow” I thought to myself, “I am NEVER doing that again!” But later that day, I had to get the mail – it doesn’t come directly to my house, but is delivered to boxes down the street. I looked at the car in the driveway, paused for a moment and then decided it was better to hoof it – afterall it was only a five minute walk from my house….

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