Twists and Turns

twisterI have two older children – my daughter Caitlin is 22 and my son Asa is 20. They have always been competitive with each other. I think it began when they were both born on the Sunday after Thanksgiving – albeit two years and four days apart. Being two years old, Caitlin did love her new little brother – but soon found out that she was no longer the center of attention and that made her a tad jealous. When I wasn’t looking, Caitlin tried to make a couch cushion sandwich with Asa in between. I came out and saw Asa’s little arms and legs wiggling around under the cushion as Caitlin was pushing on it. He was okay and she got sent to her room. The sibling rivalry continued on – they would even get into knock down, drag out fights. In high school, they both got suspended – for fighting – each other. It got easier when Caitlin moved out. Some relationships are better when there is distance between them. They got to where they would tolerate each other. Yesterday Caitlin was hanging with her friends and invited Asa along. I was glad that she finally included him and saw him as her peer, instead of just her “stupid” brother. Earlier today, Caitlin was moving some stuff around in her friend’s basement and something (dust, mold) was causing some asthma symptoms. She wisely went up the stairs, but as she went a friend decided it would be fun to scare her by popping out unexpectedly. When he scared her, it took her breath away and she started having a full blown asthma attack – and she did not have her inhaler. One of her friends raced over to Caitlin’s house to get her inhaler while Asa stayed by his sister’s side. She was struggling to breathe. The seriousness of the situation became clear to Asa and he began sobbing. His fear of losing her was overwhelming to him. She finally got her inhaler and thankfully got her breathing under control. Today they discovered the importance of family and that underneath it all they really do care about each other. My son was especially moved and I have proof – as he left the house this evening to hang with friends, he  looked over his shoulder at me and said, “I love you.” Now that  was something!

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