Who’s Your Buddy?

HPIM6389We have two dogs. Rocky is an energetic short-haired terrier mix who was originally called, “Rocky Rocket” because he runs so fast. Buddy is a short, fluffy, tubby Yorkie/dachshund mix (we call him a “Dorkie”) who would rather spend his days eating and sleeping. Even though their energy levels are quite different, they are best friends. Rocky often wants Buddy to play and will even take toys over to Buddy trying to persuade him. Rocky also loves to play fetch and will push his toys against people’s knees in hopes that they will play with him. Of course when you bend down to take the toy, he pulls it back quickly – then when you stand back up, he pushes it against your knee again. Buddy enjoys playing sometimes, but he mostly wants a belly rub. If you give Buddy any attention, then Rocky plows his way through wanting all the attention for himself. He is a bit jealous of Buddy. Rocky barks a lot which is a bit annoying. When I notice him  barking a lot outside, I call him in so he does not disturb the neighbors much. The other day he was barking quite a bit in the back yard. The neighbors had visitors including a dog. I called him and he just kept barking. I called him again and he glanced at me and kept barking. After a few minutes I tried again – same thing. He was simply not going to come in. I didn’t want to go out and try to get him in because I knew he would run away from me. So instead, I opened the door and called out, “Buddy!” That got Rocky’s attention. He actually stopped barking and looked at me expectantly. His interest piqued, he started to come in, but part way he turned and started barking again. So I called again, “Buddy!” (who by the way was inside sleeping). That was it – he had to find out what Buddy was getting and he wasn’t. He ran inside and looked around trying to figure out what wonderful thing Buddy had. After being disappointed to find a sleeping Buddy, Rocky settled for some petting and a drink of water, before laying down near his best friend to rest. Maybe what Buddy had wasn’t so bad after all.

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