Metal Wire Car

When my oldest son was little, he could not figure out how to use crayons to color pictures. I mean this literally. He would hold the crayon and kind of just dab at the paper. Turns out he has a disability when it comes to writing. His writing is still atrocious (he is now 19) and he can barely draw a stick figure. But he can build. His lego creations were amazing for his age. He started collecting scrap metal and made things out of them. His only problem was figuring out how to make them stick together. A couple of years ago I was doing a painting I was going to put in the local fair and he wanted to build something to enter. He built this car out of scraps he had in a bin under his bed. He wrapped wire around the body to make it all stay together and glued some decorative pieces on top. It even has a door that opens – courtesy of a hinge. He entered it into the fair and won a big rainbow colored ribbon for his efforts. A special award for excellence in a category they didn’t really have. He is graduating high school this year and has high hopes of becoming a metal sculpture artist. With a little welding practice I think he can do it. I believe that everyone can be creative in one way or another – you just have to figure out what your strengths are and pursue it. It may be different from other people – but that difference can be what makes it so special.

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